Remember to take your pills with contextually relevant alerts. PillAware is the user-friendly app for daily pill takers.

PillAware is an app the lets you track the pills you take, and reminds you when you need to take them. What makes PillAware special is the technology behind the task. Using advanced iBeacon technology, PillAware can alert you when you get close to your meds, without the battery drain of GPS.

Solving an everyday problem

A lot of us have to take pills on a regular basis, and it's hard to remember to do that each and every day. Medicine compliance is a serious issue that costs people both money and health.

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There are a lot of pill reminder apps out in the marketplace. Most of the existing apps rely on users to enter massive amounts of data that is essentially useless to collect. PillAware focuses on the data that is important to the experience of remembering, and enables you to remember at relevant times and places.

Lots of apps want to collect everything from who prescribed the medicine to what symptoms a user takes it for. The reality is, users have pill bottles that contain all the info they need about who prescribed the medicine and why they're taking it. People that take multiple meds likely have a pill sorter box that lines up their week/day.  The problem isn't in keeping that data somewhere, or knowing what pills to take, the problem is reminding you to open up that pillbox.

PillAware is a great reminder

PillAware does three things to remind you to take your pills.  First, every day an icon badge shows up on PillAware that has the number of meds that you need to take that day.  This is great for people who like clean inboxes.  The badge is a reminder every time you look at your phone that you need to do something.

Secondly, PillAware has a reminder alarm you can set. This is a common feature in pill reminder apps.

Lastly, you can purchase an iBeacon and use it with PillAware for contextually relevant reminders. iBeacon allows PillAware to send an alert out when you come in range of the iBeacon. Additionally, when you turn on your device's screen, iBeacon checks to see if you are still in range. PillAware uses an intelligent algorithm to determine when to alert you based on location.  The result: you're near your pills when you're reminded to take them.

Where do I get an iBeacon?

Currently, PillAware only supports Estimote iBeacons. Since iBeacons are not designed to be manually added by users, PillAware relies on the consistent UUID of Estimote beacons to detect and pair these beacons with your iOS device.  You can purchase Estimote beacons from their website, and in future updates we will support additional brands of iBeacons.

Free apps are great

Thanks to the magic of advertising, we can distribute this app to as many people as possible by making it free.  We're looking to release an ad-free version in the near future.