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A great way to remember your pills

PillAware is an app for iPhone and iPod Touch that helps users remember to take their medicines. PillAware helps users with several key elements to improve medicinal compliance.

  • Time-based alarms
  • App badges
  • Location based notifications using iBeacons

Using iBeacons, PillAware helps users remember to take their meds when their pills are nearby and available. Custom artwork, statistics tracking, and fun animation/dynamic responses make the pill taking process enjoyable compared to competing solutions in the marketplace.

PillAware is available for free in the iOS app store.

My involvement

PillAware is my 3rd app in the app store. I did all the visual, interaction, and experience design. I also wrote all of the code, and handled all of the marketing and distribution related tasks.

PillAware was an app I modeled after my personal preferences in regards to pill-taking apps. There are lots of apps on the market that try to solve this problem, but many fail because they are cumbersome to use or do not conform to how users expect to be notified about taking their pills. iBeacon is also another advantage for which I believe PillAware is unique (for pill reminder apps) in the app store.

After the initial release, PillAware was updated in November 2014 to support the various sizes of iPhones, plus added support for landscape layouts.