As the ultimate digital personal assistant, SmartActions can automatically manage your device for you based on your situation, context, and surroundings.

Our task: create a device experience that will manage itself.  Terms like "Smart Settings" and "Auto Setup" were thrown around.  Users have the expectation that their device will work the best for their specific needs.  Challenging language, complex settings, and unnecessary battery drain are the enemies.  The magic bullet?  Motorola SmartActions™

Legendary brand, innovative thinking


Through Earlybird Creative, I was contracted to work on the Motorola team developing next generation experiences for smartphone consumers.  I was a part of the team from the initial ideation sessions, through product launch, and ultimately second and third iterations of the app.

SmartActions has shipped on several of Motorola's flagship mobile devices, and continues to live on under the "Assist" brand on today's devices.  It is used every day by millions of people to manage their digital lifestyles.  

My role


I was contracted as an interaction designer, and my responsibilities were to design, iterate, and document the user experience of next generation apps with the Motorola Consumer Experience Design (CXD) team.  I managed a set of wireframe documents which communicated design requirements to engineers and fellow designers.  I also created presentation materials, style guides, and spreadsheets that communicated internally the requirements of our app.  As a creator of new interaction ideas, I also was responsible for creating a variety simulations to demonstrate concepts, and for use in testing.  Many of the features you see today in SmartActions were ideas I contributed, tested, and documented.

The design process

Our iterative design process required many sessions of user testing, both with internal (Motorola) users as well as external test subjects.  One of our core design objectives was simplicity, and to achieve this we had to "cut the fat".  We used test data to refine and pinpoint the user experiences that were the most valuable, and discarded features that were confusing and rarely used.

Recognition and awards


The first round of reviews came when SmartActions launched on the original Droid RAZR in November 2011.  Since then, SmartActions has continued to get excellent reviews along with Motorola's device releases.

Smart Actions is likely the single best feature of the RAZR.
— The Verge

SmartActions has also been recognized by design associations, placing as a finalist in the IDSA's 2012 IDEA awards. Additionally, SmartActions was highlighted as a notable entry by the 2012 Core77 Design Awards in the "Interaction" category.

Because it operates at more the 34,000 locations across 118+ countries, McDonalds has a number of unique user interaction challenges.

Many of the simple interactions we take for granted every day, such as ordering food through a drive thru, are actually incredibly complex user experiences that have been well thought out.  My work with McDonald's has been tackling both customer and employee facing user interfaces and making them as efficient as possible.

Many countries, languages, challenges


Because McDonald's has so many locations and nationalities that it serves, each interaction has to take into consideration these cultural differences.  Also, because each McDonald's is owned and operated by the franchisee, there are a variety of equipment locations, sizes, and operating systems being used.  Each design has to be field tested against an array of situations that may be encountered based on the variety of their owner-operators setups.

McDonald's prides itself in uniform experiences across their brand.  Making designs that apply in a variety of situations, yet retain that key value of uniformity, is an exciting challenge.

My role: presentations, wireframes, and more...


Through Earlybird Creative, I have performed a variety of design services for McDonalds.  Wireframe documentation, media design, and presentation support have all been requirements assigned to me on various design projects.

The design work has been for both customer interactions as well as for crew based interactions.  I've spent time with the McDonald's team on-site to see how their operations work, and how my designs can best improve their workflow process.

A manufacturer of the world's best cardiovascular information systems.

Cyberpulse has employed my services through Earlybird Creative in making their next generation clinical information systems.  Each design takes a complicated set of data, and makes it easily accessible to trained individuals.

The world of Cardiovascular information technology


Making functional designs for cardiovascular notation systems has been a unique challenge in my design career.  Many of the screens start off with "information overload" to a common user, but the reality is these screens are carefully honed to make the cardiologist's job as easy as possible.  The challenge then becomes putting yourself in the shoes of a trained professional, and making UI elements accessible to someone who knows what they're looking for.

My role

Cyberpulse's clinical reporting technology is integrated within the systems that other cardiology vendors sell.  As a design medium, most of the work is designed for computer workstations running Windows, typically using a web browser.  My design role is offering final media and wireframe mockups of upcoming software products, as well as providing technical detail support and documentation.


For personal and professional projects, making 3D models has been the ultimate intersection of design, visualization, and technology.

I've created a variety of 3D models for various projects throughout my professional career.  Most of the time the problem involves making object fit in a 3D space, but occasionally it is to visualize the final look and feel of a product or space for a client.