Common iBeacon issues:

I'm not seeing any iBeacons in my iBeacon search

• Do you have an Estimote iBeacon?
     - Currently only Estimote iBeacons are supported
     - Specifically, the app is looking for iBeacons with the following UUID:
          UUID: B9407F30-F5F8-466E-AFF9-25556B57FE6D
     - We plan on supporting additional brands of Beacons in the future, send me your requests
     - We have no plans to support custom UUID entry due to some recent iBeacon developments

• Make sure you're near your iBeacon
     - iBeacons can be detected up to 70 meters, but for setup, we recommend being right next to it

• Make sure Bluetooth is turned on
     - You can access Bluetooth by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to get to control center

• Make sure the Location Services setting is ON and PillAware has been allowed access
     - You should have received an iOS message asking you to allow location services
     - If you did not get a message, or you declined, you can go to Settings --> Privacy --> Location Services

• Restart your iPhone
     - In testing, we've found that restarting our iPhones fixed an issue where iBeacons could not be found

• Make sure your iBeacon is broadcasting and has an adequate battery
     - Launch the Estimote App and see if any beacons appear within it