Some of the specialties I offer my clients



There are many different players in the design process, especially for mobile applications.  Wireframe documents help make sure all the different parties are on the same page in regards to technical requirements, interactions, and style.  I have extensive experience managing wireframe documents that are hundreds of pages long, through multiple revisions.  I have created documents from scratch, taken over documentation from other designers, and even consolidated multiple documents into a unified documentation spec. I would describe wireframes as my key specialty.  


Many designs require some interaction before the final design decisions can be made.  Wireframes are insufficient to communicate the exact details of animations, sounds, and many other interactions.  Also, testing typically needs to be done on a device in a manner that resembles what the final product would look and feel like.  I have created dozens of interactive simulations for testing, and even more simulations for proof-of-concept work and evaluation. Adobe Flash, Objective-C, and HTML are all programming languages I have used to create interactive simulations.




Someone has to make the decisions, and those people need to be as best informed about the subject as possible.  That's where presentation support comes into play.  I'm a expert at creating visually engaging, informative presentations.  I tend to heavily use visuals to tell stories, usually generated in Illustrator.  My preferred presentation medium to use is Google Docs, but I have extensive experience in both Keynote and PowerPoint as well.  I find that presentation support and wireframe work go hand in hand on most jobs, so I would describe this as my second specialty.

Media and Artwork

Media and Artwork

The media is the final artwork used for an app or interface.  A lot of subtle communication can be made with careful use of shadows, gradients, color, and stroke.  During my career as a designer I've been in charge of media for several mobile, web, and interactive touch screen projects. Creation of artwork is typically done using Adobe Illustrator.



Writing code is the newest item in my design arsenal.  I wouldn't describe myself as a developer, or sign up for projects that had my primary role as the developer. However, I can provide services working with developers in ways that take work off the development team's back.  Especially with iOS projects, I can construct storyboards and xib files in Xcode for development use.  I can implement my own animation code, which can easily be added to a project.  Most importantly, I understand the challenges developers face, and can design accordingly.