Vector Tutorials

So lately my favorite thing to do has been scour the web for neat designs, and try to figure out a way to recreate them in Illustrator format.  Sometimes the result looks good, sometimes not so much.  Today I had a step by step helper tutorial, and it was mega fun.

Lots of designers are what I call "painters" who make things in Photoshop using a wide array of tools that Photoshop has to offer.  While that's terrific, and I even dabble in Photoshop myself from time to time, I feel the real power of design can be harnessed through vector illustration.

Today's find was a tutorial on how to do a vector security seal - see link


I really like the effect that this tutorial creates.  First of all, the attention to detail is fantastic, and ultimately the design really creates a sense of worth to it.  

Only downside I see is that I rarely have use for this level of macro detail, but I could make great use out of some of the patterns this provided.