Dice Tracker for iPhone Submitted!

Hey there UI fans,

Yesterday I uploaded the binary file for Dice Tracker for iPhone.  If the past wait times are still true, we should see it on the app store in about a week.

Dice Tracker for iPhone

The iPhone version is going to cost $0.99 in the app store (I can hear you groaning through the website) and tier 1 pricing throughout the world.  The reason for this is that the iPad version has had quite a few downloads, but almost no one has bought the in-app purchase.  So I'm going to try and make a buck or two this way instead.

For your 99¢, you're going to get a much improved experience, minus one big omission (I'll get to that next).  The improved experience is that Dice Tracker for iPhone supports both portrait and landscape orientations.  You can only roll dice in the portait orientation, and the landscape orientation offers a super-cool interactive explorable graph of your dice distribution.  Also, for your 99¢ you get all of the dice distributions that were locked behind the in-app purchase before.

The big omission left out of the iPhone version is the ability to track real life dice.  There's just not enough screen real-estate to do this on the iPhone (which is why I built the iPad version first).  The iPad version is going to continue to be free, so if this is really something you need to do, get an iPad!  I think the entire experience is a little better on the iPad anyway.

So I'll let everyone know when this bad boy has gone live in the app store.  Happy dice throws!

EDIT - 3/2/2013

Apple has approved Dice Tracker for iPhone and it is currently available on the App Store!

Link to iTunes