Just got back from an awesome week in Aruba.  It was my first time to Aruba, and this trip showed me what I've been missing.


My friend @SamKligerman helped me make this awesome lizard sand thing.  We made a bunch of different sand constructions during the week we were there.  The first one was a huge pair of feet for us to put our actual feet in for pictures.  The next day was this lizard, followed by some pyramids.  Ironically, the pyramids were the hardest to perfect, since they're a geometric shape and we didn't have anything larger than a flip-flop to smooth things out with.  This is what happens when you get two designers on a beach.

Most of the time we just hung out on the beach, went swimming, and sat by the pool.  I'll leave you with an awesome picture of Sam and I jumping into the ocean.