Dice Tracker

It's been a week and a half since my last post.  I've been very busy.  The weekend before my last post, I was playing a game of Settlers of Catan with my friends.  I've played the iOS version many times, and I have grown quite fond of the chart feature they include as a part of the game that shows how many rolls there have been of specific totals of dice.

dicetracker_HugeAppIcon copy 2.png

You see, in Catan you place houses at the intersections of hex pieces, and every time the number on a hex next to your house gets rolled, you get resources.  It's a really brilliant game design, and my hat goes off to the people at Mayfair games.  It really is terrific.  I started playing an iOS knockoff of the game called Kolonists back when iPhone apps first came out.  Same concept, terrible execution.  Then I found out some of my close friends actually played the real game that the terrible iOS knockoff was based on.  Thats when I got hooked.  I downloaded the actual "Settlers of Catan" iOS app and played it like a thousand times.  It was terrific.

Anyway, enough backstory.  I was playing with my friends, and I severely missed the ability to see how many rolls had been made of the specific totals.  So I decided to do something about it.  Originally the app's name was Catanion (like companion, but with Catan, clever I know...) Once I built the app I realized that people that play all types of dice and board games could be interested in this app, so I made it more generic.  The hex background is definitely Catan inspired, however.

I started the project because I have been running into some severe roadblocks with my tower defense game lately, and I really want to get something on the App store so I can beat my chest and say "I'm a real man" er... developer.  Anyway, this concept seemed simple enough at the time, and the existing offerings on the app store are TERRIBLE.  A week and a half later and its on its way to approval.

I'll let everyone know on here when the app gets the go ahead, until then, keep your fingers crossed the Apple folks don't decide to lay the hammer down on me :-)

UPDATE:  The app is live in the iPad app store! Download away!