Isometric Design

So I just finished this awesome illustration of a McDonald's restaurant.  I finished it using Adobe Illustrator, and I patterned many of the objects off of various isometric building animations I have seen over the interwebs.  I've discovered two things: one, Adobe really needs to improve their perspective grid to offer an isometric version (or if they have it already, I couldn't find it) and two, it's extremely tedious work to create this type of a drawing.


I'm using the graphic as a header banner for my McDonald's web portfolio page.  I wanted to have something that really captures viewer attention and conveys a soft sense of the sort of work I do for McDonald's, which is typically preparing presentation materials and telling a larger story that involves user interface.

I think my next one of these may be a drawing of my house like this.  I really like they style, and I wish I had more opportunities to create this in my day to day work.