Finally Got It Framed


I had been holding onto this poster since late June of 2011.  When I ordered it from Naplab, I had this image in my head that I would just throw it up on the wall and it would magically stick.  I found out shortly after I received it that this was not the case at all.  The poster was too heavy to use poster tape, and plus it curled enough from being in a tube that you'd need something stiff and clear on top of it anyway.  So I shoved the poster away in a closet and forgot about it.

Fast forward to November 2012,  my friend @samkligerman and I are at an IndyUX meetup with some fellow designers. We see this poster hanging up on the wall at the Speakeasy, which is a design incubator here in Indianapolis.  Sam made a comment to me that he has the poster at home in a tube because he never found an efficient way to hang it up on the wall.  "Funny, I have a similar story", I said.

I didn't think much about it, but Sam's on a big kick to get stuff done before his baby gets here in April (congrats btw) and about a week later Sam texts me that he found a plastic supplier for a piece of acrylic.  So we split the cost on a big piece of Acrylic cut in half, and I get busy doing what I do best... making a solution out of the misc. parts and pieces I have in front of me.

The frame is made from 2 separate 2"x1"x10' poplar pieces I bought at Lowes.  I took a table saw to the 1" side and cut a 3/8" groove for the poster, acrylic, and backboard to go into.  Then I just had to cut the pieces with a radial saw at the proper length, brad nail them together, and voila, we have a poster.  The construction didn't leave much to hang it with, but it turned out that mirror hanging hardware worked just right with the size groove I had on the back.

I used a dark stain to match the wood in my office, and put two coats of polyurethane on it to smooth it up and protect the finish.

I'm pretty happy with the final result.