iPad Minnnnay!

Just got an iPad mini last month, and I LOVE it.

I'm not a big fan of the original iPad.  My wife has had it since the iPad 2 came out, and she's frequently not using it, so I've had plenty of time to use it myself.  I never found myself reaching for it.  It was just too big.  I mostly read books from my tablet (I had a Kindle Fire before I bought my iPad Mini).  My reading occurs at night, in bed next to my wife.  She's asleep, so I can't turn the lights on.  I actually have to turn the tablet down to the lowest possible brightness setting to keep from going blind in the middle of the night usually.  With the full sized iPad, i'd have to hold it with two hands, and even then my arms would get tired after 20-30 mins of holding it.

Enter the iPad mini.  It's shockingly light, and the size is spot on for most of the interactions you do with an iPad.  I know, I know, it doesn't have the Retina display, but its still very readable.  The Kindle app is completely unphased by the lack of Retina support.  I'll admit the web browsing experience suffers, but even that is manageable on most sites.  I certainly wouldn't trade that for the weight though.  It's so quick to pick up, and it feels solid enough to hold tight.  The proof is in how much reading I've done lately.  Last month I read 3 books, all on the Mini.  Two John Grisham books (the Litigators, and the Racketeer, which I recommend just the Litigators) and 50 Shades of Grey.  Just last week I read one more book by the world's greatest Sci-Fi author, Hugh Howey (Second Shift).

Also battery life is excellent, and if you're in the lightning connector camp with an iPhone 5, you'll appreciate the universal connector (and how easy it is to use).

Anyway, enough with the praise.  Go get an iPad mini.