Gaming and iOS

I started developing just last month, and its been surprisingly easy.  I had some experience with coding in Actionscript, but Objective C proved to be quite challenging to both understand and use.  I think the biggest problem comes from the sizable number of frameworks, especially in regards to games.

For example: when coding a game, there are a lot of choices for game engines.  The game engine helps a developer with lots of tasks such as graphics rendering, physics, scorekeeping, etc...  Common choices are Unity, Cocos2D, Box2D, CoreAnimation, and on and on....  I feel safest as a new developer using Apple integrated Core Animation for my tasks, but even with that I have several "error" alerts I have to ignore when I build and run my app.  Sadly, the core frameworks that ship with Xcode are not enough to do most games (physics are a must have for most games).  If you use Cocos2D, just building and running a blank template produces greater than 10 error alerts.  These can be ignored, but for a new developer its very unnerving.

So I'm hoping Apple thinks long and hard about their next generation of developers.  They should stick with something as powerful as Objective C, but add some gaming functionality into the core frameworks that come with Xcode.  I know lots of people with great game ideas that are completely disabled by the oppressive nature of Xcode.  If Apple made a version of Xcode that allowed for rapid game development, they might be in business.  Plus it seems the majority of game dev's out there are using some sort of 3rd party game engine, such as Cocos2d.  I'd think Apple would want those people building using in-house parts.  So it seems likely to me that iOS7 could include some game-developer specific frameworks.