I'm Adam Miller, and I create great user experiences.

Great user experiences live at the intersection of design and code. That's why I do a little bit of both. I specialize in mobile, but have experience across a wide range of devices. Whether your project is a iOS, Android, or just a platform agnostic idea, I bring the skills to the project that get it built.



Experience design

Let's craft Happy thoughts

Each product decision makes an impact on user experience. Let's answer what we want users to accomplish and how we want them to feel while they do it. Then we can build something meaningful.

Interface design


There are lots of options for accomplishing user interface tasks, but your business needs an interface that properly supports your user experience objectives. My background in UI design gets your company a result that is clean, smart, and efficient.




Many design teams dream up fantastic ways to accomplish a task, often involving technologies that don't exist. While there is a place for that kind of thinking, most projects have immediate term goals to accomplish. My experience writing code helps me design and create products that are market ready.


Convincing DECISION-MAKERS to build it

Projects rarely come out of the idea factory fully funded and ready to build. My role as a presentation craftsman has been instrumental to the successful funding of many projects. 

Fortune 500, startups, and everything inbetween


I've been a part of the design and development process for a variety of firms in a variety of industries. I got my start in home automation, and have since applied those skills to contextually aware mobile apps and user interfaces.


Mobile, Desktop, Drive-thru totems...


Design takes place in many places, because life takes place in many places. My experience spans devices, platforms, operating systems, and even physical interaction models. Need a custom touchscreen kiosk? I've done that. Looking for a mobile app? Got you covered. Need an interaction model that takes care of the user before they even know something is wrong? I've got great experience with that too.